Research Objectives

This research project is meant to be the first part of long-term international and interdisciplinary scientific cooperation on the Vlachs. The research will have a an interdisciplinary character and will be attended by ethnologists, historians, linguists and political scientists. International co-operation with researchers from Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Moldavia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Montenegro allows implementation of the project, which involves examination of the functioning of the Vlachs in various countries of Central and Southeastern Europe. It is expected also to include researchers from Hungary, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Greece.

The project aims to:
1.  The full documentation of historical sources and literature on the Vlachs
2. Documentation of  the surviving relics of this vanishing culture
3. Complete comparative examination of the whole area inhabited by Vlachs and within the issues such as:
- Migration of Vlachs
- Linguistic and ethnic groups
- Wallachian law - itsf economic, social, political and cultural role
- History of Vlachs in each country
- Cultural traditions and folklore
- Organizations of the Vlachs in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe.