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Ius Valachicum III

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan Faculty of History, Chair of the Balkan Studies

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Ius Valachicum III Vlachs and transhumance economy – unity and diversity of the Vlach culture Sanok, 26-27th August 2016

Conference is organized as a part of research project realised upon The National Programme for the Development of Humanities – “Vlachs in European and Polish cultural area. Migration – settlement – cultural heritage”. The topics of the conference are the following:

1.traditional economy of the Vlachs and its evolution,

2.ethnical and cultural aspect of the identification of the Vlachs,

3.the specifics of the economy in the different regions inhabited by the Vlachs,

4.the influence of the transhumance economy on the emergence of material and immaterial culture and cultural heritage,

5. economic and cultural aspect of transhumance pasturage in past and present times,

6.toponyms, names of tools and activities related to transhumance economy and their range.

The conference will be led in Polish, English (and other congressional languages: French, German, Spanish, Russian ) as well as Balkan languages. If the paper is presented in other language than English we kindly advise to send the full text of the presentation in English earlier. The topics of the papers, along with the abstracts (up to 2000 signs) should be submitted before April the 30th, 2016 to the following e-mail addresses of Professor Ilona Czamańska (czaman@amu.edu.pl) and Wojciech Sajkowski, PHD (wojciech.sajkowski@amu.edu.pl).